Photo workshops and hospitals

Well a bit of a mixed week this week. After the high of the workshop I had the low of the hospital.

The photo workshop was fantastic withe Jon Snapaway finding a great venue and 3 fantastic models, Mr G, Horace Silver and Petra Marie. The theme was a casino with some gangster clientele. This worked well with some moody lighting and smoke from Jon’s bargain smoke machine.


There was also the opportunity some portrait shots with each of the models.



All in all a fun day.

Then we had the low of the hospital. Having been waiting since July for surgery they have now decided that they will not perform it at the NHS treatment centre that I was attending because of risks associated with Ataxia, which I understand, and I will need to be admitted to a general hospital. The negative to this was that they told me to go back to my GP and get them to remake the referral, so basically start the process all over again. Why could they as part of the NHS transfer me to the general hospital rather than close my case. Really agitated over that.

Oh well here is hoping for a better week.