Update on life

Well its been a long time since I have written anything on here.

I have now been diagnosed with Ataxia, a neurological illness that there isn’t a cure for. My life has changed dramatically since I first started suffering the symptoms. I can still work but am finding it harder each day, although I have a good team around me that assist with silly things like carrying cups of tea or coffee (probably because they are fed up with half a cup).

Home life is good as I have a fantastic family supporting me but we can all see how things will have to change  either with modifications to the house or moving to a more suitable place.

My hobbies have taken the biggest hit as I cannot stand for long periods of time. This has stopped my photographing motorsport and American football. This is the first year that I have not attended Wembley for the NFL games because the walking is problematic over long distances and tiredness sets in very quickly. However my photography has not stopped as I have taken up another style of photography. I now attend photo workshops and photograph some lovely people and have a great coach and mentor guiding me along the way. The next one is next weekend which I am really looking forward too, I might even put some pictures on here.

Well enough from me for the time being.