RSPB Northward Hill

I’ve lived here nearly 50 years and I had never visited the RSPB site at Northward Hill. I had been to the woodlands that is attached to it when I was a teenager with a girlfriend who lived in the village but my attentions were else where.

Northward Hill is the largest UK Heronry with 250 pairs of birds. Not great for the local fish keepers , they have cleaned my pond out on morethan one occassion, but a great site never the less.

I picked a good day in terms of the weather to visit but not a great deal of birds about. However I was still happy with my visit as I managed to get some decent photos on the day and that was the purpose of my visit.



I will be returning again in the near future as I believe April is a great time of the year for the return of the Nightingales along with carpets of Bluebells throughout the woodland. I only managed to explore a small part of the site butthere is so much more yet to see.


Sheep taking a dip in one of the many pools